Actress calls Obama ‘father-in-chief’ at White House event for educators

Actress calls Obama ‘father-in-chief’ at White House event for educators
Crush it, dog.

At the White House on Wednesday, Valerie Jarrett’s co-speaker proclaimed that President Barack Obama is “kind of like the brother-in-chief or the father-in-chief” for large numbers of American teenagers.

The statement came during a White House-sponsored conference called “Rethink Discipline.” The audience was a group of public school superintendents, principals and teachers from around the country.

Jarrett, a senior advisor to Obama, spoke alongside Anna Deavere Smith, an actress. The pair spent their portion of the conference addressing participants from two comfortable chairs.

After Obama became president, Jarrett told the audience, he invited a group of male students to the White House for a Father’s Day event, narrates

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