Rubio: We’re in ‘the most dangerous phase of the Obama presidency’

Rubio: We’re in ‘the most dangerous phase of the Obama presidency’

Presidential hopeful Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) slammed President Obama for allowing the United Nations Security Council to vote on the Iran nuclear agreement.

“President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran is a dangerous and destabilizing failure, and it is telling that he is seeking Russia and China’s seal of approval of his deal before administration officials have even briefed Congress,” Rubio said in a statement. “The stakes are too far high for America’s security to be outsourced to the United Nations.”

Rubio’s comments came after the U.N. Security Council unanimously endorsed the deal in a 15-0 vote.

The Iran vote at the U.N. also took place on the same day that the United States and Cuba reopened their embassies as part of the restoration of diplomatic ties.

Rubio, a vocal critical of the president’s Cuba policy, linked the two events, suggesting that July 20, 2015, will be remembered as “Obama’s capitulation Monday.”

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