Donald Trump needs to apologize to John McCain

Donald Trump needs to apologize to John McCain

Donald Trump needs to apologize to John McCain.

I do not care for John McCain as a Senator. I think he is far nastier to Republicans than Democrats. I think he ran a terrible race for President. I’m just not a fan of him as a politician.

But John McCain was a war hero. Contrary to what Donald Trump said today, it is not because McCain was captured that he was a war hero. What makes McCain a war hero is that he could have used his father’s ties and position to get released from the Hanoi Hilton. He could have leaked American secrets. He could have readily been a propaganda tool for the North Vietnamese as they released an Admiral’s son to a spectacle of good will.

Instead, John McCain stayed a prisoner of war for over five years, was repeated and savagely beaten and tortured, and did not yield to his captors. That is why he is a war hero. McCain declined efforts to release him as long as there were others still in the Hanoi Hilton. While there he worked to keep the morale of other captives up.

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