Poll: Over 50% of U.S. Muslims want sharia law in America

Poll: Over 50% of U.S. Muslims want sharia law in America

With the seeming rise in homegrown ISIS devotees being outed and arrested, it’s not really all that shocking to think that an unfortunately high number of Muslims living in America prescribe to some rather radical beliefs.

A recent poll conducted by the Center for Security Policy found some startling opinions held by a plurality of American Muslims.

The poll, conducted from June 1st through the 10th, asked 650 American Muslims a series of questions pertaining to Jihad and Sharia Law.

When asked, more than 50 percent of American Muslims said that if given a the choice they would choose to be governed under Sharia Law:

A startling 25 percent said it would be completely acceptable to commit violence against Americans citizens in commission of “global jihad:”

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