Europe agonistes: Merkel tells weeping migrant, ‘We can’t help everybody’

Europe agonistes: Merkel tells weeping migrant, ‘We can’t help everybody’
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[Ed. – Not making fun of Merkel here.  Europe is in a tough spot.  It’s easy enough to say, hey, we should have canned the welfare state and had more babies 50 years ago.  But there are no do-overs on the march of time.]

Germany is in crisis this summer as illegal immigrants pour across the Bavarian border in ever increasing numbers.  Already, there have been more illegals entering Germany to date than entered all of last year.

And the German people are fed up.

Chancellor Angela Merkel is saying simply that Germany can’t help everyone.  And that policy was tested yesterday when she was confronted by a crying Palestinian teen who came with her family to Germany four years ago seeking asylum. …

German towns and cities are being literally overrun by the illegal arrivals:

… German towns and cities are straining to find appropriate accommodation for the large numbers of refugees entering the country, most of them via Bavaria in the south. Everything from soldiers’ barracks and empty school buildings to camping sites, shipping containers and

Bavaria’s interior minister, Joachim Herrmann, told…Deutschlandfunk on Thursday: “Just in this past week, we’ve had more than 5,000 people newly arrived, most of them from the Balkans and most of whom have just been dumped at the side of the road by people smugglers. We have to find suitable accommodation for all of them.”

[Sound familiar? – Ed.]

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