CDC warns: Don’t kiss your chickens

CDC warns: Don’t kiss your chickens
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[Ed. – I guess you can still count them before they’re hatched, if that floats your boat.]

“Since we got chickens, all the neighbors decided they wanted chickens,” Harrigan said.

The CDC put out a warning asking chicken owners not to snuggle or kiss their birds for fear of contracting salmonella.

“Chickens actually have salmonella naturally and they don’t get sick from it, but humans do, and the main symptoms are diarrhea, fever and abdominal pain,” Dr. Robert Glatter said. He didn’t need to read the CDC report detailing the rise in salmonella infections from pet chickens, ducks and turkeys in 2015 to recommend against keeping chickens as pets.

“The main issue is that people just don’t wash their hands after they handle them, especially children,” Glatter said. “So I am really against this, I think it’s just not a good practice in general.”

The Harrigan brood — chickens and people — and likely the other coop-keepers on the block would disagree. But Harrigan keeps her clucking tenants outdoors year-round just in case.

“No, we don’t bring them inside, they are happier outside,” Harrigan said. “But we do get very close to them and so far, disease-free.”

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