Where were all the MEN during vicious murder of D.C. Metro passenger July 4?

Where were all the MEN during vicious murder of D.C. Metro passenger July 4?
Riding the rails on the D.C. Metro. (Image: Wikipedia)

The punk guilty of this bloody enormity, eighteen-year-old Jasper Spires, supposedly tops out at under five-and-one-half feet tall and around one-hundred-twenty-five pounds. Unless the gawpers who remained paralyzed while this murderous misdeed was unfolding were all part of a wheelchair-bound quadriplegic tour group, there exists zero excuse for their utter non-involvement. None whatsoever.

On sites like Reddit, et al, excuses for the do-nothing mob proliferated like frightened bunny rabbits — and I’m buying none of it. References were made to the “bystander affect”: big crowds’ reputedly inhibiting individual involvement in stopping an active crime. Additionally, the police discourage civilians from confronting armed thugs, we’re reminded. Stepping in would have been risky.

Perhaps all of those explanations are true, perhaps they represent the widespread state of mind infesting the American populace. Alas, that only sounds the alarm: it’s time to challenge that status quo.  …

So, nobody had a briefcase or purse, a knapsack, even a notebook  they could have wielded as a make-shift shield or even a weapon? What about a cell phone, key ring or pair of shoes to hurl at the assailant? Ten people at minimum works out to twenty pieces of potentially pummeling footwear-artillery. That could’ve done some real damage. A bag of groceries smashed over the hoodlum’s head? An umbrella stabbed into his face? What about one of the commuters’ who was standing behind him simply ramming him into the wall?

I’m completely serious. None of the above is complicated — each would merely take some guts and a shred of basic fraternal decency for the poor guy being sliced to ribbons before the hapless oglers’ eyes.

Were there no men on site?

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