Obama profoundly misjudged regime in Tehran

Obama profoundly misjudged regime in Tehran
Khamenei, with combat mosque, broods over Baghdad's Tahrir Square, March 2015. (Image: AFP, Ahmad al-Rubaye via IBTimes)

President Obama’s deal with Iran profoundly misjudged the revolutionary nature of the clerical regime in Tehran.

Iran’s rulers have demonstrated over the last two decades an unwavering tenacity to develop a nuclear weapons device. Put simply, the agreement reached on Tuesday merely manages the mullahs’ drive to make their nation into a nuclear-armed power.

While the deal will restrict Iran’s nuclear infrastructure for 10 years, in 2025, Tehran’s atomic scientists can dash to a deliverable bomb.

Obama conceded prior to the agreement that “in Year 13, 14, 15 … the breakout times [for a nuclear weapon] would have shrunk almost down to zero.” Indeed, the agreement’s details show that Iran’s pathway to a bomb was accelerated even below Obama’s calculus.

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