Another day, another brawl between two shoppers

Another day, another brawl between two shoppers

[Ed. – Children will be children.]

People hoping to get some fried chicken from the deli of a Florida grocery store after work earlier this week saw their way blocked by a fight already in progress.

“I was going to get some spinach. I came back around towards the chicken tender case, to get some (because Publix chicken tenders are delicious), and saw this happening. I immediately whipped out my phone and took a video,” a person who posted the video on YouTube Monday wrote.

The incident apparently took place at Baldwin Park, Florida, Publix store. It’s unclear officially what started the fight, but two men were caught punching and wrestling each other in near the deli case.

“Are you f***ing out of your mind? That’s my pregnant wife,” one of the brawlers said as a Publix employee in a green shirt and black apron stepped between the men, effectively breaking up the fight.

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