The name change craze continues: Add Woodrow Wilson to the list

The name change craze continues: Add Woodrow Wilson to the list

A history teacher at (Woodrow) Wilson High School in Portland, Oregon is demanding that the school change its name.

Hyung Nam tweeted “(Expletive) Wilson and any school he’s named after” noting an article in Politico that discussed the former president’s screening of the infamous film Birth of a Nation.

To be fair, Nam didn’t jump on the bandwagon, so to speak, during the furor over the Confederate flag. He’s been critical of his school’s name since the spring: “We’d have to be ignorant about history to continue to affiliate ourselves with this man,” he emailed the school’s staff back in April.

The Portland Tribune reports:

[Nam] has interested a few students in his cause.

Maddy VanSpeybroeck is an incoming junior and co-founder of the WHS Feminist Student Union.

“The idea of our schools being named after a person with these ideals just doesn’t sit right with a lot of people,” VanSpeybroeck says, “Especially as feminist ideals and racial ideals are becoming more something our nation is talking about right now.”

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