Hillary Clinton knocks Donald Trump at La Raza … in Spanish

Hillary Clinton knocks Donald Trump at La Raza … in Spanish

Hillary Clinton put Donald Trump in her sights.

In a speech at the National Council of La Raza in Kansas City, the Democratic frontrunner for the presidential nomination expressed her displeasure with the Republican candidate and real estate mogul’s invectives against Mexican immigrants, many of whom Trump said are “drug dealers” and “rapists.”

“It was appalling to hear Donald Trump describe immigrants as drug dealers, racists and criminals,” Clinton said. “He’s talking about people you and I know. He’s talking about people who love this country, work hard and want nothing more than a chance to build a better life for themselves and this country.”

“When people and businesses everywhere rejected his hateful comments, did he apologize? No, he doubled down,” she continued.

Hillary Clinton punctuated her point with Spanish.

“I have just one word for Donald Trump: Basta! Enough!”

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