10th Circuit court rules against Little Sisters of the Poor

10th Circuit court rules against Little Sisters of the Poor

[Ed. – Not clear what the upshot of this will be, but the ruling basically rejects the order’s argument that filing federal paperwork sets in motion an Obamacare mechanism that violates the sisters’ faith.  Presumably, the ruling would require the order to file the paperwork, which triggers third-party funding of contraceptives and abortifacients for the sisters.]

[T]oday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit ruled that the religious order must comply with Obamacare’s abortion mandate….

More from The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty:


Today the Tenth Circuit ruled that government can force the Little Sisters to either violate their faith or pay massive IRS penalties. The court held that participating in the government’s contraception delivery scheme is “as easy as obtaining a parade permit, filing a simple tax form, or registering to vote” and that although the Sisters sincerely believe that participating in the scheme “make[s] them complicit in the overall delivery scheme,” the court “ultimately rejects the merits of this claim” because the court believes the scheme “relieves [the Little Sisters] from complicity.” …

The Little Sisters of the Poor received a temporary injunction from the Supreme Court last year, which protected them from the mandate. In an effort to extend that protection the group then went before the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver, which ended up ruling against them. Today that ruling has been upheld.

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