Pentagon will pretend berthing issues for transgender individuals are like integrating the races

Pentagon will pretend berthing issues for transgender individuals are like integrating the races

[Ed. – Actually, the military has NOT dealt with a similar issue (see emphasized passage).  At no time until now has the military proposed to have males use the female bathrooms, or be berthed in female compartments, when the males in question identify as women.  It is 100% unnecessary to seek accommodation on this matter for people with gender identity issues.  The national defense of the United States has no requirement for their services, and our attention and resources would be far better focused on other things.]

Defense Secretary Ash Carter…order[ed] a six-month study aimed at formally ending one of the last gender- or sexuality-based barriers to military service.

Carter said he is creating a working group that will review the policies and determine if lifting the ban would have any impact on the military’s ability to be ready for battle. But he said the group will begin with the presumption that transgender people should be able to serve openly “without adverse impact on military effectiveness and readiness, unless and except where objective, practical impediments are identified.” …

Some of the key concerns involved in the repeal of the ban include whether the military would conduct or pay for the medical costs of surgeries and other treatment associated with any gender transition, as well as which physical training or testing standards transgender individuals would be required to meet during different stages of their transition.

Officials said the military also wants time to tackle questions about where transgender troops would be housed, what uniforms they would wear, what berthing they would have on ships, which bathrooms they would use and whether their presence would affect the ability of small units to work well together. The military has dealt with many similar questions as it integrated the ranks by race, gender and sexual orientation.

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