Islamic State commits unbelievable atrocity against a baby

Islamic State commits unbelievable atrocity against a baby
(File) Reason, Islamist-style. Image of "our youngest hostage" reportedly loaded to Twitter by Syrian jihadis, April 2014. (Via UK Daily Mail)

Iraqi News reported on Sunday that the head of the security committee in Diyala’s provincial council, Sadiq al-Husseini, had said that Islamic State booby-trapped and ignited a baby by remote control near Sharqat in Anbar Province in Iraq.

“The available information indicates that ISIS brought a baby, the son of a civilian was executed a few weeks ago under the charges of killing ISIS militants, in one of the training camps near Sharqat northern Salahuddin,” al-Husseini told Iraqi News. “The organization has booby-trapped and blew up the child in front of dozens of ISIS militants by a remote,” he added.

The detonating of the baby was part of a training program to learn about booby-trapping mechanisms.

In the town of Heet, 31 miles from Ramadi–the city that was captured by ISIS in May–the organization burnt five women alive recently. The women refused to give their children to the Jihadist organization and were torched together with their sons by ISIS, a local Sunni tribal leader reported.

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