Tyson chicken farm caught on hidden camera torturing, neglecting animals

Tyson chicken farm caught on hidden camera torturing, neglecting animals

Disturbing undercover video footage of shocking animal abuse at a Tyson Foods contract farm in Delaware was released this morning at www.TysonTorturesAnimals.com. The video shows thousands of baby birds bred to grow so fast they became crippled under their own weight, workers carelessly kicking, clubbing, and throwing chickens, and thousands of severely sick and injured animals left to suffer without proper veterinary care or access to food and water. Mercy For Animals is calling on Tyson to swiftly adopt meaningful animal welfare policies to end many of the worst forms of animal abuse and neglect in its supply chain. Tyson Foods is the largest meat producer in the world.

The video was shot at McGinnis Farms in Dagsboro, Delaware—a contract farm for Tyson Foods—and reveals widespread animal abuse and suffering, including the following:

  • Workers violently clubbing animals to death, breaking their necks, and leaving severely sick and injured animals to die without food or water
  • Baby birds carelessly thrown to the ground from transport crates suffering broken bones and other severe injuries

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