Scottish paper sacks columnists for criticizing Islam

Scottish paper sacks columnists for criticizing Islam

[Ed. – Now there’s a [bleeping] surprise.]

The West Highland Free Press dismissed Donald Macleod, a professor of theology in the Free Church of Scotland, after he wrote a column about the spread of Islam in the UK. He said in his piece that all minorities prefer to keep a low profile and that “Generations of British Muslims have done exactly that.”

He added, however: “But when minorities become majorities, things change… in the event of Islamic dominance in Britain our friendly Muslim shopkeepers will have little option but to march behind the radicals.”

The newspaper published the article, but then sacked Mr Macleod.

Upon learning of this, Brain Wilson, a former Labour MP who was one the paper’s founders, used his own column to defend Macleod. He described Macleod’s weekly column as the “most intellectually challenging, erudite and beautifully written column in British journalism”, and said the offending article was “leading on to wider questions about Islamic influence within Europe, including implications for democracy and freedom”.

He added: “The precedent he quoted was what happened in Algeria between the fourth and seventh centuries, from Augustine to Mohammed, so in raising current issues he was – as ever – taking the long view of history.”

After publishing Mr Wilson’s column, the paper then dismissed him too.

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