JV blues — why Islamic State is still winning

JV blues — why Islamic State is still winning

We’re being whipped by imaginative savages.

The upstart fanatics of the Islamic State (IS, aka ISIS) are the most innovative strategists of our time, while our military and government continue to recycle failed clichés.

The caliphate is an on-the-ground reality, a supposedly “impossible” achievement. And the sophisticated means ISIS uses to drive its expansion reveal an organization that, while rigid in matters of faith, possesses a military flexibility that eludes our politically correct armed services.

If we want to win, we have to stop underestimating our enemy.

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On Monday, President Obama listed areas where ISIS suffered setbacks, downplaying the militants’ more important successes. In fact, Obama’s crowing underscored how skillfully ISIS adapts.

The defeats that we and the Kurds inflicted on the army of the caliphate (and yes, it’s an army) occurred in rural areas or towns, not major cities.

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