EMT refuses to save dying baby … because she ‘didn’t feel like performing CPR’

EMT refuses to save dying baby … because she ‘didn’t feel like performing CPR’

We learned this just last weekend in the murder on the Metro Car, where a dozen people watched a 24-year old man being brutally slaughtered (“punched, stabbed 30-40 times, stomped and repeatedly kicked in the head”) by one small 18-year old villain, and no one tried to stop it.

Survival of the fittest, right? A civilized modern man doesn’t put oneself in danger to help another…that’s why we pay the professionals.

But what about when you pay professionals to save you from danger…and they ignore you? Not even because they’re scared for their own personal safety, but because they just don’t want to save your life today.

A Detroit Fire Department EMT refused to respond to an emergency call, which left an 8-month old baby dead.

Veteran medic Ann Marie Thomas was only minutes away from the home of an infant in cardiac arrest when she told her supervisor she would not go to the scene because she didn’t want to perform CPR.

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