OK, this village symbol might be a bit racist

OK, this village symbol might be a bit racist

Most of the big racist symbolism stories these days have to do with slavery (see: Flag, Confederate) and have pushed the Native American racism stories off the front page. Before the most recent arguments, though, the Washington Redskins, the Atlanta Braves and various college teams had been the center of controversy for their depictions of members of native tribes. While cartoon images of that sort were clearly offensive to some, others argued that they were actually a reminder of something more noble. But even if you accept that argument in the case of the football franchise, this one might be a bit much.

Just for background (and a bit of a disclaimer) this is not the Great Seal of some major governmental entity or sports franchise. Whitesboro is a small village in upstate New York and one I’m rather familiar with. (When I say “familiar” I mean my high school competed against them in football and wrestling, and I had relatives in Whitesboro.) If you don’t know the background story behind the symbol, let’s just admit it… it looks like a picture of a white settler choking a Native American. But the village elders insist that it’s nothing of the sort.

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