Krugman thinks people move from California to Texas for THIS?

Krugman thinks people move from California to Texas for THIS?

[Ed. – Umm, has he ever been to either state??]

Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman and the Heritage Foundation’s Senior Economist Stephen Moore squared off in a debate over which economic school produces the best policies. The debate was held Thursday in a packed ballroom at the libertarian Freedom Fest conference in Las Vegas. …

Moore showed a chart comparing President Reagan’s economic recovery to President Obama’s recovery. Reagan’s economy grew 30% compared to just 13% over the six years since their recessions ended. Reagan’s economy also added 8.4 million more jobs than the Obama recovery.

Krugman countered that it would be a different recovery even if the “right policies” were followed. Krugman also went to describe the Obama stimulus passed in 2009 as “vastly inadequate.”

The two men sharply disagreed over Obamacare. Krugman called it a “remarkable success in public policy” while Stephen Moore blasted it for raising insurance premiums and increasing dependence on government. They also differed on raising the minimum wage. Krugman supported raising it to $15 an hour while Moore, using a textbook Krugman wrote as his source, said raising the wage would kill jobs.

The room only turned hostile to Krugman when he suggested that people moved from states like California and New York to states like Florida and Texas because of the weather. That drew groaning from the crowd. Moore responded with, “people are not moving from San Diego, CA to Houston, TX because of the weather.”

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