Big freedom: Bikini blogging while plus-sized

Big freedom: Bikini blogging while plus-sized
(Image: YouTube via HuffPo)

[Ed. – Take that!  And that!  You judgmental cur, you.  Or something.  Sometimes I almost think websites run this stuff just as a come-on, rather than for its profound sociopolitical value.  Whatever.  Made ya look.]

“Why is it that someone else can dictate that you are not allowed to put something on your body that makes them uncomfortable?”

Such is one of just a few questions worth asking when it comes to what women choose to wear near bodies of water. YouTube star and plus-size fashion vlogger Loey Lane is fed up with nasty comments that degrade plus-size women for wearing bikinis. And she decided to do something about it.

Lane recently posted a video expertly shutting down the body-shamers. She poses important questions like, “Why [should] someone who is larger…have to cover more square inches of their body?” and why fellow beach-goers comfort level has anything to do with what she chooses to wear.

Lane also addresses the common, yet still absurd assumption that bigger women who show off their bodies are asking for feedback on how they look. …

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