Fewest cops on patrol since 1920s

Fewest cops on patrol since 1920s

[Ed. – As long as they keep electing Democrats, no one’s going to voluntarily bring his investment capital to Detroit just so it can be pillaged.]

There are currently fewer officers patrolling the city than at any time since the 1920s. At one point, the Detroit police force was over 5,000. Today, the force is just 1,590 officers strong — and not all of those are on the street.

The city has lost nearly half its patrol officers since 2000 and ranks have shrunk by 37 percent in the past three years alone, according to the Detroit News. It’s so bad that precincts are reportedly left with only one squad car at times. …

Here’s a breakdown of data segments comparing the number of officers to Detroit residents, according to the report. The city’s current citizen-to-officer ratio is 448 to 1.

  • 1920: 897 officers — population of 993,678 …
  • 1950: 3,548 officers — population of 1,849,568 …
  • 2000: 3,139 officers — population of 951,270
  • 2015: 1,590 officers — population of 719,777.

Budget cuts have hit the department and some have left to work elsewhere.

“These officers do the most difficult job in the country, and they need to get paid more,” said Chief James Craig. “It’s hard to keep people when other cities can offer so much more money.”

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