FAA to Donald Trump: Drop dead

FAA to Donald Trump: Drop dead
No more FAA navigation points for you! (Image via jaunted.com)

[Ed. – Take that!  And that!  Donald, you beast!  It isn’t possible to throw a hissy fit big enough!!]

Three navigation coordination points above Palm Beach International Airport that had been named in honor of Donald J. Trump will be renamed, the Federal Aviation Administration said Wednesday.

“In general, the F.A.A. chooses names that are noncontroversial,” said an agency spokeswoman, Laura Brown. …

In 2010, an air traffic controller who was a fan of Mr. Trump’s reality show and its catchphrase, “You’re fired,” named some of the navigation points that pilots use for takeoff from the airport DONLD, TRMMP and UFIRD.

At the time, Mr. Trump told a reporter with The Palm Beach Post that he was flattered, but Thursday morning, he issued a statement that said:

“‘Making America Great Again’ is far more important to me than an honor I never knew I had … meaning a blip on the radar,” he said in a statement released by Michael D. Cohen,executive vice president and special counsel at the Trump Organization.

Other navigation points were named IVNKA ONE, in honor of Mr. Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, and BUFIT ONE, after the singer Jimmy Buffett.

Ms. Brown said she wasn’t sure if IVNKA ONE would be renamed as well, but said that nothing would happen immediately.

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