W. Va. man’s house covered in deer feces – because he kept two bucks in it

W. Va. man’s house covered in deer feces – because he kept two bucks in it
Just one of the family. (Image: WV Natural Resources Police via WaPo)

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On Friday, police said they responded to a report that deer were being kept inside of a house in Cabell County. Officers saw a deer standing in the middle of the house when they arrived and spoke with a man at the house.

“While they were interviewing the subject, they could hear the commotion in the back part of the house, and the man tried to explain it away as a dog,” police spokesman Sgt. Gary Amick told The Post. “He finally confessed it was a second buck.”

The man was charged with two counts of illegal possession of wildlife, with his prosecution pending, according to police. The misdemeanor can carry a penalty of $20 to $300 and the possibility of jail time. …

Police released both deer, one of which quickly darted into the woods. …

This house had “feces all over” and was covered in straw that had been soaked in urine, Amick said. …

The man told officers he picked the animals up as fawns, thinking they were injured, Amick added.

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