Finally: More solar subsidies for poor in hard-hit Baltimore

Finally: More solar subsidies for poor in hard-hit Baltimore

[Ed. – Because nothing says “Hope and prosperity!” like a solar panel.]

On Tuesday, the White House announced a new plan to subsidize the expansion of solar panels for low-income homes in Baltimore.

Obama administration officials held a press conference in Baltimore with Rep. Elijah E. Cummings to announce the new program intended to provide low-cost financing for homeowners and renters in low-income city neighborhoods.

“We need to expand opportunities for more families to reap the benefits of using cleaner sources of energy that can also help households save money on their utility bills,” said President Obama’s top energy adviser, Brian Deese.

Despite the big announcement, the White House had no estimate of the costs the new program would incur on the federal government. But officials did note that some $520 million from “charities, investors, states and cities” would help pay for other new “solar and energy-efficiency projects for lower-income communities.”

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