Condo assn. tells Minnesota to take down American flag

Condo assn. tells Minnesota to take down American flag
The watchmen wait for morning.

An Edina woman said she is refusing to back down after her condo association told her to take down the American flag flying outside her porch.

The walls of Angie Hildebrandt’s condo are covered with American pride and pictures of her two sons, a Marine and an Army specialist. When that pride flew outside her porch, the Southdale Gardens Condominium Association told her she’s violating association rules.

“I was heartbroken, I was sad, I was angry,” Hildebrandt said. “Every emotion that I had came out when I got that letter under my door.”

The condo association’s legal team at Carlson & Associates said it has nothing to with being anti-patriotic and everything to do with the rules agreed upon when you buy a condo at Southdale Gardens.

“It does not state that I can’t fly a flag,” Hildebrandt said. “It says everything else, but it doesn’t mention a flag.”

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