Connecticut: School enrollment form asks if mom had vaginal delivery or C-section

Connecticut: School enrollment form asks if mom had vaginal delivery or C-section
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[Ed. – Another “WTF????” moment brought to you by the Nanny State.]

When Cara Paiuk, a writer and a photographer from West Hartford, CT and her husband, Alex walked into their first kindergarten parent-teacher meeting for their son’s upcoming school year, they thought they knew what to expect. …

But what they didn’t expect was to see one very specific question on the form, a simple “check here” for C-section or vaginal birth.

“I just kind of glanced over his shoulder,” she relates. “And then I lifted it out of his hands and I’m like, are you kidding me?!” …

[L]ater, she got to work investigating just why a public school would need to know anything about whether or not her vagina had remained intact while bringing her son into the world. She got on the phone, speaking with the school’s nurse and eventually, the medical adviser for the district, a respected pediatrician in the community, who belittled Paiuk for questioning something he himself had disclosed 20 years ago when his children went to school. …

And when Paiuk eventually put in a Freedom of Information Act request with her own questions to the school board, rightfully pointing out that there are is no evidence-based research to support the school demanding this information of its students, she was shut down.

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