Boko Haram launches another gruesome massacre; 200 dead

Boko Haram launches another gruesome massacre; 200 dead
Nigerian Islamist terrorists Boko Haram. (Image: AFP via

Boko Haram brutally massacred nearly 200 people Friday in northeastern Nigeria in a killing spree that continued Saturday.

The carnage began Friday when extremists gunned down Muslims at evening prayers, shot women in their homes, and dragged men from their beds, the AP reports.

“Large numbers” of fighters poured in and overpowered government forces intent on stopping them from taking the state capitol of Maiduguri, said local resident Haladu Musa to AFP. …

Nigerian troops battled “hordes of Boko Haram gunmen” throughout the night, reports indicate.

Female suicide bombers then detonated themselves amid the panicked, fleeing villagers Saturday and killed scores, army and witnesses told Yahoo News Saturday. “Most of the casualties came from the suicide bombings,” Musa said.

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