Obama, the Left, and their Declaration of Dependence

Obama, the Left, and their Declaration of Dependence

On this Independence Day weekend, let’s recall what made the United States exceptional from the start. It was designed as a nation of laws, not of men, built on the concepts of individual liberty and equal justice before the law, with freedoms ranging from speech to worship, and rights from gun ownership to assembly.

The Founding Fathers institutionalized these freedoms for the individual, so we would be safe from the suffocating burdens of a too-powerful state….

And yet, in several short years, President Obama and his leftist army have fundamentally shifted the balance away from the individual and toward government, and from the notion of self-reliance to an increasing reliance on government. It took Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and several other Founders a few months to draft the Declaration of Independence. It took Mr. Obama even less time to turn us into a nation of growing dependence.

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