Why reporters won’t find anything damning in Hillary Clinton’s emails

Why reporters won’t find anything damning in Hillary Clinton’s emails

Every month through January, the State Department will release a fresh batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails under the order of federal judge. Reporters will scan them for damning evidence that she shouldn’t be president. Republicans will say they smell smoke, even if there’s no visible fire. Democrats will look other way and pray their favorite for the 2016 presidential nomination is clean enough.

But it’s all a shell game. If there are damning missives in Clinton’s files, they’re not likely to be found among the handpicked emails Clinton’s team gave the State Department.

Don’t get me wrong. There were lots of fun finds in a tranche released Tuesday: Clinton still used fax machines, top White House officials knew she used a private email address even though they said they didn’t, and her reaction to a big Senate cloture vote on the Affordable Care Act was “Finally!!!”…

But don’t expect anyone to find a needle of serious wrongdoing in the haystack of 55,000 pages of Clinton emails that State is making public. I don’t say that because Clinton is above reproach. I say it because these emails are a distraction, a haystack from which any needles may already have been removed.


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