Why Carly Fiorina’s feminism flummoxes liberals

Why Carly Fiorina’s feminism flummoxes liberals
Well played, Carly!

Liberals typically dismiss conservative women as tokens and lightweights. Yet Fiorina’s take-on-all-comers attitude makes such criticism absurd.

Fiorina speaks nimbly on the minutiae of public policy from taxes to energy issues, projects a commanding knowledge of foreign affairs and navigates the fraught terrain of social issues without alienating her base or moderates.

That’s no easy feat. She’s accepted hard-hitting interviews with George Stephanopoulos, Andrea Mitchell and the liberal-packed “The View.” She’s spoken at venues across the country, most recently winning accolades and a strong second-place finish in the straw poll at the Western Conservative Summit.

Compare this to Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose campaign consists of a carefully scripted “listening” tour — conveniently allowing Clinton to avoid saying anything herself — and a few high-profile campaign speeches, which were remarkable only for the total absence of memorable lines.

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