HHS: Be sure to harangue your peeps about Obamacare this holiday weekend

HHS: Be sure to harangue your peeps about Obamacare this holiday weekend
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If you are a progressive, you’ve been ruining holiday get-togethers for the past five years blubbering on about risk pools while your loved ones are trying to eat. You don’t need further encouragement from Obama lackeys; it’s already practically a family tradition. Now you almost relish how tense everyone seems to get at the dinner table when there’s a lull in the conversation, right before you pipe up in a quavering voice, “So, Uncle Ted, how’s your provider network?”

Has any other major federal domestic reform required evangelism about its merits from supporters years after it was enacted into law and implemented?

This Fourth of July, families across the nation will gather around hot dogs (or their favorite vegetarian alternative) and potato salad to spend some quality time together, watch fireworks and reflect on the holiday’s meaning. But as much as we love our families – and we do, seriously –we don’t always agree when it comes to current events, like last week’s Supreme Court decision upholding tax credits that help make insurance under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) more affordable for millions of people.

Misinformation about the ACA is everywhere, and there’s been a lot of money spent to spread that misinformation…

You should be prepared when Aunt Janine says something like, “Obamacare hasn’t helped anyone!”

Prepared? Prepared for what? There’s nothing Aunt Janine can do about it anymore. Thanks to John Roberts and Anthony Kennedy, the debate’s over.

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