Finally: Jesse Ventura eyes a 2016 run

Finally: Jesse Ventura eyes a 2016 run
(Image via Alfonzo Rachel)

[Ed. – Stand aside, Sanders and Trump.  The entertainment quotient could exceed factory parameters here.  Notice the fitting venue in which Ventura made this interesting disclosure.]

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura told conspiracy theorist Alex Jones this week that he was considering running for president with help from the Libertarian Party — but wouldn’t be joining the Libertarian Party if he did.

“The libertarians have put out a gesture to me to come to their convention and that I would have a very good chance of getting their nomination for president,” Ventura explained. “But one thing will have to be clear on: I do not want to join them as a party.”

He said he wanted to be the first president since George Washington who didn’t belong to a political party. “I need that from them, that they won’t require me to be in their party to receive their nomination, because that’s firepower I think you can win the election with. That simple thing.”

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