Usual-suspect activist wants military to throw out chaplains who oppose same-sex marriage

Usual-suspect activist wants military to throw out chaplains who oppose same-sex marriage

[Ed. – OK, it was inevitable that Mikey Weinstein would break out of the gate on this.  But it’s also inevitable that others more mainstream — e.g., the Southern Poverty Law Center, which designates Focus on the Family a “hate group” — will follow suit. It’s only a matter of time.]

Activist Mikey Weinstein, president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, is demanding the U.S. military conduct a purge of chaplains who holds to the traditional teaching of homosexuality and marriage espoused by the first commander in chief, George Washington.

Weinstein claims chaplains who are “maintaining the state of antagonism between their religion and the sexual/gender identities of service members” have no business serving in the military.

“Nobody is arguing that these losers don’t have a right to their religious beliefs,” wrote Weinstein in an op-ed.

“At this stage, the only honorable thing that these losers can do is to fold up their uniforms, turn in their papers, and get the hell out of the American military chaplaincy. If they are unwilling or too cowardly to do so, then the Department of Defense must expeditiously cleanse itself of the intolerant filth that insists on lingering in the ranks of our armed forces.”

While Weinstein frequently calls for the court-martialing of military members who attempt to share their faith with others, he is now calling for an entire class of chaplains to be fired regardless of whether their beliefs affect their job performance or not..

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