BREAKING: Teachers’ union (NEA) wants to teach kids that religious freedom is ‘dangerous’

BREAKING: Teachers’ union (NEA) wants to teach kids that religious freedom is ‘dangerous’
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[Ed. – The ACLU’s appalling announcement that it will no longer defend religious freedom, on the heels of the Supreme Court’s decision to declare same sex marriage a “right,” has no doubt emboldened the NEA on this. See emphasized passage.  The NEA wants to brainwash your kids about this.]

The National Education Association’s annual representative assembly, meeting this week in Orlando, will vote on Friday or Saturday to take a stand against religious freedom in America.

It’s just the latest in radical leftist political action by the nation’s largest union with approximately 3 million members. In many states, teachers are compelled to join the union in order to hold a job, so the NEA is already well acquainted with strong-arm tactics.

New Business Item A, submitted by the NEA Board of Directors itself, states:

The NEA will develop educational materials for its state affiliates and members about the potential dangers of so-called ‘religious freedom restoration acts’ or RFRAs, which may license individuals and corporations to discriminate on the theory that their religious beliefs require such actions.

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