Conservatives need to get real about Supreme Court

Conservatives need to get real about Supreme Court
Source: Fox News

If nothing else, the Supreme Court’s most recent decisions should shatter whatever remaining illusions of what courts are likely to do for them for the foreseeable future, even when controlled by Republican appointees.

The Supreme Court isn’t going to be a major force in restoring limited government or cutting federal authority down to constitutional size. Yes, you might see some protection of property rights, like Kelo, or spending money on behalf of political speech, such as Citizens United. The courts aren’t totally useless in protecting civil liberties. Some libertarians and conservatives will even cheer the gay marriage decision.

But since FDR’s court-packing scheme was even threatened, you’d be hard-pressed to find a major expansion of the welfare state that was blocked on constitutional grounds by the Supreme Court. Two Obamacare rulings later, the second one rejecting a fairly straightforward reading of the text of law, should remind us that isn’t going to change anytime soon even with a Republican majority on the high court.

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