Shabazz: My ‘kill slave masters’ comment was taken out of context

Shabazz: My ‘kill slave masters’ comment was taken out of context
(Image: Breitbart TX, Lee Stranahan)

[Ed. – Well, sure.]

Breitbart Texas reported that at Tuesday’s New Black Panther Party-supported rally, Dr. Shabazz said, “Denmark Vesey had a plan to kill all the slave masters in the state. Denmark Vesey had a plan to kill every last one of them and kill all of their goddamn families.”

Minutes later as part of introducing a speaker who suggested to the audience that they arm themselves, Shabazz said, “We got to complete what Denmark didn’t finish. Denmark didn’t finish his mission.”

When asked whether he’d talked about finishing Denmark’s mission, Shabazz responded:

I said that but y’all took it out of context. I went over Denmark Vesey’s whole life history, I went over what kind of man he was, what kind of character he had. I went over…I did go over the revolt and what he was planning. First of all, I never said to anybody to kill anybody. Now, y’all know that that’s not right, to say that Shabazz said to kill anybody, that’s not right, I never said that. I gave honor to his history.

During his remarks to the audience on Sunday, Shabazz also said his remarks were misreported and that it was a deliberate attempt to discredit him.

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