The fight for equality isn’t over

The fight for equality isn’t over

Same-sex couples can now legally marry in every jurisdiction in the country. And yet in 29 states, people can still be fired for their sexual orientation. In 32 states, people can be fired for their gender identity. Trans women of color still face incredibly high rates of violence, including murder.

Meanwhile, studies show straight men earn more than gay men and gay men earn more than lesbians. And given what we know about gender, race and wage gaps in general, it’s pretty safe to assume that lesbian, bisexual and transgender women of color earn less than lesbian, bisexual and transgender white women. Today we have undone a major link in the chain of discrimination based on sexual orientation, but the chain remains thick and strong and wrapped around the necks of far too many. So, today’s victory isn’t an invitation to relax but a reminder to fight on, for the unjust status quo is only toppled when enough people join together in protest. Winning today is a reminder of what we can and must win tomorrow.

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