‘Gay rights’: There still aren’t nearly enough of them

‘Gay rights’: There still aren’t nearly enough of them
(Image: White House via National Journal)

A liberal coalition spanning gay rights groups and traditional African American leaders turned its attention to a new legislative bid to outlaw discrimination against homosexuals in employment, housing, financial dealings and other regular actions not protected under the Supreme Court’s ruling declaring same-sex marriage a constitutional right.

“You can be married on Saturday, post your pictures on Instagram on Sunday and fired from your job on Monday,” Rep. David N. Cicilline (D-R.I.), the lead sponsor in the House of the new legislation, said Saturday.  [Seriously??? When and where has this happened?  Names and dates, and verifiable claims only. – Ed.]

After Friday’s ruling, Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), the sponsor of the legislation in that chamber, e-mailed thousands of supporters asking them to get behind the new bid because, despite the marriage decision, it is still legal in some states to “kick someone out of a diner or other public accommodation because of who they love.” …

When he first started working on ENDA, Merkley recalled a conversation with his daughter, then in middle school, in which she did not understand how that type of discrimination was not prohibited. “What’s hard is, people assume it’s already illegal,” he said.

“The public doesn’t see the job interview when someone gets turned away,” he added.  [Which makes it pretty hard to prove, by a reasonable standard, that an applicant has been rejected because he’s gay.  Of course, the Supreme Court has just defenestrated reason. – Ed.]

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