Europe’s migrant crisis flares…in Calais

Europe’s migrant crisis flares…in Calais
(Image: AP via Breitbart)

[Ed. – It’s not just down in the Mediterranean.  This crisis, involving Africans and Middle Easterners fleeing their strife-torn homelands for some hope of safety, is massive: on a scale not seen for centuries, if ever.]

Every month the European Parliament migrates to Strasbourg for a few days.  The travel connections between the UK and Strasbourg are a nightmare and so I normally drive. Last month as I came back from Strasbourg and got to the EuroTunnel at Calais, access to the car entry was somewhat blocked by hundreds of lorries and I had to queue with the lorries for 15 minutes before accessing the right lane.

The sight around me was quite astounding. There were literally hundreds of migrants queued by the roadside, running across the motorway and trying to enter the stationary lorries.

I put the central locking on my car and couldn’t wait to get out of there. I wondered at the time why this was not getting more press coverage in the UK. Well it is now. The events of Tuesday this week with a lightning strike by French dockers, leading to an opportunist rush from migrants taking advantage of a difficult situation, lead to all routes across the channel being closed. It all reminded me of the famous Times headline: “Fog in the channel, Continent cut off”.

Be in no doubt that this crisis can only worsen. …

Isis have said that they will use the migrant tide to flood the European continent with their own Jidhadist fighters.

Already photographs have been seen of Isis supporters in Rome outside those great historical buildings. Whilst I fully understand that many of the boats that come from Libya contain people whose suffering has been immense, whilst I fully accept a degree of culpability as the Cameron/Sarkozy bombing of Libya was undertaken without any thought for the consequences, we and the rest of the EU are simply not capable or able to take millions of people, especially people who have not been screened or checked for potential links with extremism.

When I say that our compassion in the EU now poses a direct threat to our civilization, I mean it.

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