After Charleston: Reject this dangerous ‘forgiveness’ nonsense

After Charleston: Reject this dangerous ‘forgiveness’ nonsense
A small prayer circle forms nearby where police are responding to a shooting at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina June 17, 2015. A gunman opened fire on Wednesday evening at the historic African-American church in downtown Charleston and was still at large, a U.S. police official said, but there were no immediate confirmed reports of casualties. (Credit: Reuters/Randall Hill)

[Ed. – Hearken to the words of Satan, countrymen.  It’s the long, tortured death of guilt for you.]

Unfortunately, forgiveness, that element of moral sanctity which facilitates assuaging of grief, has morphed into a barrier obstructing the path to justice and accountability in the United States — a place weakened by the ubiquitousness and insidiousness of racism.

Although it’s tough to direct a critical lens at the concept of forgiveness when the situation involves grieving family members tearfully addressing an expressionless, depraved killer who isn’t even asking for it, for posterity’s sake this must be done. What happened in Charleston, South Carolina, last week wasn’t an anomaly or isolated incident. It’s just the latest of many incidents of racial hatred exploding into a violent expression of a flawed, commonly espoused belief: that black people are to remain dehumanized and oppressed. …

It should be argued the people who benefit most from a public offering of forgiveness are those who actually don’t have those moments of deep introspection that cause them to walk away from hatred, abject ignorance and the pervasive tentacles of systemic racism. It lets them off the hook in the same way Dylann Roof’s family, friends and the sick culture he comes from have been let off the hook. It’s the status quo, and none of the people who benefit from it the most are willing to or convicted enough in their hearts and souls to change it. …

All the unhealed sores and festering wounds of racism the beast knows about but refuses to seek ointments and tinctures for continue to be under-examined and unhealed. The truth is, President Obama needs to bring the hammer down when it comes to race and stop worrying about what some deluded, disengaged white people think by circumventing the obvious ugly truths.


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