State Dept. classifies Iran’s FORCED sex-change surgeries as ‘gender confirmation’

State Dept. classifies Iran’s FORCED sex-change surgeries as ‘gender confirmation’
(Iranian press image)

[Ed. – Proving that what American “gay conversion” groups should do to get some respect is holler “Death to America!” and pursue nuclear weapons.]

A report issued by the State Department Thursday repeatedly refers to sex reassignment surgery in Iran as “gender-confirmation surgery.”

But Iran has a well-documented record of coercing cisgender gay and lesbian people into having the surgery, that is, disrupting rather than “confirming” the gender identity of hundreds per year. Since homosexuality can be punishable by death in Iran, known homosexual men tend to accept the government-subsidized surgery to become women, and vice versa.

A 2014 report by the BBC profiled gay and lesbian people from Iran, several of whom were forced to undergo sex reassignment surgery. …

The State Department’s new report covers the state of human rights in every country in the world. The chapter on Iran… includes a sub-section on the condition of LGBT people. That section states that Iranian law “defines transgender persons as mentally ill,” and that Iran therefore loans candidates for surgery up to $2,030 to undergo the operation.

By referring to the surgeries as “gender confirmation,” rather than the much more widespread and morally neutral “sex reassignment surgery,” the State Department seems to be siding with the Iranian government’s false “cure” for homosexuality.

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