Popular pig wins feminist award, while frog cowers in fear

Popular pig wins feminist award, while frog cowers in fear
Credit: Reuters/Thomas Peter/Files

Popular Muppet Miss Piggy grabbed headlines last week when she was honored with an award from the prestigious Sackler Center for Feminist Art. The obstreperous prima donna was given the gong for her apparent “contributions to society” during the evening ceremony at the Brooklyn, N.Y. venue.

During the event Miss Piggy, wearing an emerald evening gown and ivory gloves, spoke with veteran feminist activist Gloria Steinem, and was celebrated by Elizabeth Sackler herself who told the foam-faced sow that she won the award for, among other things, her “spirit, determination, grit, and humor.”

An elated and emotional Piggy told attendees during her acceptance speech of her struggles to “break down gender barriers” and that she often had to “resort to karate to break them down.” Piggy, now fired up and yelling at attendees, shrieked “tough times demand tough women, am I right, AM I RIGHT?”

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