CNN’s Murray: GOP ‘core’ wants immigrants to ‘act like every other white person’

CNN’s Murray: GOP ‘core’ wants immigrants to ‘act like every other white person’

[Ed. – Because all white people act the same way.]

On Thursday’s CNN Newsroom, during a discussion of GOP presidential candidate Bobby Jindal’s official announcement speech, CNN political reporter Sara Murray provocatively asserted that some of Jindal’s pitch was aimed at GOP “core” members who want immigrants to “act like every other white person in America.”

After CNN senior Washington correspondent Jeff Zeleny suggested that Jindal’s “tanned, rested and ready” line was meant to advertise the “diversity” he would bring to the Republican side, CNN anchor Carol Costello brought up liberals who have used Twitter to disseminate jokes utilizing stereotypes of whites to mock Jindal as seeming to be “white” instead of a minority. Costello:

Well, and as you might imagine, Sara, Twitter went crazy upon those words, “I’m tanned, rested, and ready.” The first thing that pops up when you put Bobby Jindal into the Twitter is the hashtag #BobbyJindalIsSoWhite.

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