John Roberts betrays his country

John Roberts betrays his country
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[Ed. – Has any Supreme Court justice ever started with such promise and goodwill from constitutionalists, and then ended up being on the wrong side in so many important cases?]

Chief Justice John Roberts today joined Kennedy and all the Supreme Court Democrats in upholding Obama’s unconstitutional, deceptive, and indescribably destructive healthcare law. Today’s decision in King v. Burwell declares that even though the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) specifically required individuals to enroll through state exchanges to obtain subsidies, enrolling directly through the federal government is essentially the same thing. This decision once again displays the Supreme Court’s willingness to ignore the clear intent of law in order to achieve a politically desired result. For Roberts it has written into stone an unmistakable pattern.

Roberts’ first betrayal was his mind-bending decision to call Obamacare a legitimate tax, whereas Obama had defended the law on the basis that it wasn’t a tax.

Now Roberts has done all possible to seal this country’s fate by once again siding with Obama. …

Kennedy is usually considered the swing vote, but would have been hard put to defy Roberts. The chief justice’s siding with the Left gave Kennedy free rein to exercise his naturally squishy tendencies. Roberts will almost certainly side again with the homosexual rights activists against the Constitution’s First Amendment protecting freedom of religion. As described earlier, the upcoming gay rights decision is not about gay rights at all.


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