Dallas man suffocated wife with pillow because ‘she wouldn’t stop talking’

Dallas man suffocated wife with pillow because ‘she wouldn’t stop talking’
(Image: Dallas Police Department)

Police officers were met on the scene at 3:47 Wednesday morning by Dallas Fire-Rescue paramedics who pronounced the woman, Ceaira Sedia Nequay Ford, deceased.

While inside the apartment, Ford’s husband — Jonathan Edelen, 34, told an officer, “Put the cuffs on me and take me to jail. I’ve killed my wife.” …

Edelen said it all started when his wife called and asked him to come home from work. They went to the grocery store and then bought some marijuana, according to the police report. When the couple came home they started arguing. Edelen complained that his wife wouldn’t stop talking. He picked up their television and took it onto the patio to destroy it so she would quiet down. When that didn’t work, Edelen said he put his hand over her mouth and she flipped over the patio railing onto a grassy area below.

The couple eventually ended up back inside their apartment, in their bedroom. They continued to argue and fight, according to the police report. Their disagreement escalated to the point where Edelen said he got on top of his wife while she was on the mattress, grabbing a pillow and forcing it over her head. He said he held the pillow down over Ford’s head until she stopped moving and breathing.

He then waited two days to call police.

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