Republicans should start reading comic books if they want to win

Republicans should start reading comic books if they want to win

[Ed. – Dems reveal their electoral secret.]

I’m a political news junkie. It’s like being a regular junkie, but without the fun early stage of euphoria. With a presidential election coming up I spend an inordinate amount of time looking into the contestants on American’s Next Top Chief Executive, which also gives you a chance to sort of experience the state of the two parties as a whole because everyone is trying to pin down what the country wants them to be in order to get or keep their jobs.


Looking at the Republican Party now is honestly a lot like looking at comic books a decade ago, an aging institution badly in need of a new direction. I really think the GOP could learn some helpful tips from how the comic industry has grown. Such as…


5. Blow Up Your Continuity, Don’t Retcon It

Marvel and DC are both on the verge of their second big reboot since the turn of the century, blowing up decades of contradictory stories, cheap deaths and incongruent power usages. They do it for one simple reason; it’s easier to get people reading if they don’t have to sludge through 400 back issues to understand what’s going on.

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