WaPo goes after Jindal with sophomoric ethnic-authenticity hit piece

WaPo goes after Jindal with sophomoric ethnic-authenticity hit piece
Source: The Daily Caller

[Ed. – Just what you’d expect from the left.  This isn’t about whether he really is of Indian descent, which isn’t in dispute.  It’s about whether he “acts Indian” enough, or something.]

Using the old game of quoting surrogates, the left-wing Washington Post did to Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal what the left and its media surrogates always to do non-white male Republicans — questioned the authenticity of his racial identity.

WaPo’s biography piece sports a headline that directly attacks Jindal’s racial authenticity, ” From Piyush to Bobby: How does Jindal feel about his family’s past?“. The piece goes on to detail Jindal’s love of cowboy boots, hunting, and desire to be seen as an American as opposed to an “Indian American.” Then comes the kill shot…

WaPo quotes a political science professor who sneers, “There’s not much Indian left in Bobby Jindal.”

The timing is intentional. Jindal is expected to announce his run for president next week.

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