Obama reveals how the presidency made him ‘a better father’

Obama reveals how the presidency made him ‘a better father’
Power projection.

[Ed. – Was he a better father in the way he was ‘a better president’ than those who had preceded him?]

President Obama says he was worried that becoming president would mean even less time for family. But in a magazine column to be published next week, Obama says he was surprised to find the opposite is true.

“Being in the White House has made our family life more ‘nor­mal’ than it’s ever been,” he writes. “To our surprise, moving to the White House was really the first time since the girls were born that we’ve been able to gather as a family almost every night.”

Obama’s reflections on fatherhood come in a guest column in More magazine, whereFirst Lady Michelle Obama happens to be serving a stint as guest editor. She asked her president-husband to reflect on family life for the magazine’s “Second Sex” column. The headline: “How the presidency made me a better father.”

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