Moving-company data: Major outflow from high-tax states

Moving-company data: Major outflow from high-tax states
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[Ed. – The interesting thing about this analysis, although it comes from only a couple of companies, is that it’s inherently about responsible, middle-class householders: the people who contract with interstate moving companies.  The customers here are the most likely to hold jobs, be moving for jobs or business start-ups, and pay substantial taxes.  It’s definitely informative to see the pattern of outflow among such moving-company customers, as opposed to young adults and poorer people who don’t tote much with them when they move cross-country.]

Based on an analysis of 10 years of tax data and the figures provided by United Van Lines and Atlas Van Lines, Sen. McLachlan may be on to something.

In states with the highest taxes—per person—the number of moving out of the state are greater than the number of people moving in.

Connecticut taxpayers, for example, paid an average of $4,431, according to data from the Federation of Tax Administrators, a group that represent state tax officials. Last year, United Van Lines and Atlas Van Lines, the two largest movers in the U.S., moved 3,212 households out of state and 2,368 moves inbound. That means 55 percent of all moves left the state, for a net outbound flow of 58 percent. Over the last decade, the two companies reported 36,837 moves outbound to 30,426 inbound, for a net outbound flow of 55 percent.

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